Aeolus launch and operations

LSE Space GmbH, April 2017 – February 2019

Launched on 22 August 2018, Aeolus is the first satellite mission to acquire profiles of Earth’s wind on a global scale. These near-realtime observations will improve the accuracy of numerical weather and climate prediction and advance our understanding of tropical dynamics and processes relevant to climate variability.

I worked for LSE Space as a contractor at the European Space Agency as a member of the Aeolus flight control team and the engineer responsible for power, thermal and RF subsystems. Before launch, my tasks consisted of preparing power, thermal and radio procedures, as well as validation of system, AOCS, data handling and instrument procedures. In a System Validation Test, I gained experience with test case definition and execution. Throughout the preparation phase, launch and commissioning, I developed extensive understanding of the mission control system, simulator, spacecraft architecture and communication protocols. In the routine mission phase, my tasks were to monitor the spacecraft health and support routine operations. In order to automate various repetitive tasks, I created a number of tools in Python.